You might be asking yourself . . . what is Ken Drives?  The short answer . . . short, fun videos where Ken answers questions while driving.  The longer answer is this:  Ken Drives is a series of videos that cover a range of topics – most of them related to marketing – that are released several times each week to help you in your marketing endeavors.

We want these videos to be simple, entertaining, and informative.  Ken sometimes gets too caught up in the crazy complications of digital marketing (yeah . . . we’ve told him), but we noticed something . . . he stays distracted just enough while driving that he drastically turns down the geek level and explains things in a way most people can understand.  So we stick him behind the wheel, turn on the camera, and let him talk!

If you have a question that you want Ken to answer (regarding marketing – or ANYTHING else) on one of these videos, just Submit a Question and we’ll get right on it!

In the meantime . . . browse through the videos here, enjoy yourself, and good luck with your marketing efforts!

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