This is the very last Ken Drives video!  Sooooo, what happened?  Nothing really . . . producing these videos on a regular basis was part of our own content marketing plan – and it works!  We finally got to the point that we are attracting more clients than we can process in a timely manner.  So, we’re going to take a break from producing Ken Drives videos while we catch up on all the new business.  But, instead of bringing it back later, we decided that 420 Ken Drives videos was quite enough!  Ha Ha!  So, we’re developing a newer, more engaging show that will be a LIVE, weekly, talk show.  That’s right – we said LIVE!  We’ll launch this show in the spring of 2020 and probably run it from Apr – Sep.  We’ll have a guest on the show every week – and you can interact with the show live on Facebook.  We’ll distribute the completed episodes to YouTube, website, podcast, and other social networks and we’re REALLY excited about this one!  Our existing talk show, Ken’s Think Tank (now in its third season) will continue through the season and into Season 4 (at least) next year – we love doing that show too – so keep watching for those episodes to come out twice a month.

What Happened to Ken Drives?