Mark Zuckerberg recently testified before the Senate mainly concerning Facebook privacy. During the hearing, Senator Durbin asked some questions that the Senate and media both thought were zingers . . . I don’t agree. Senator Durbin asked Mr. Zuckerberg if he would share with the Senate and the live viewers what hotel he was staying at during his visit to Washington DC. Mark was uncomfortable with the question and answered “No.” The Senate and media took that as a gotchya moment. Here’s the challenge . . .

Visit my 100% public Facebook profile at and tell me what hotel I stayed at on March 16, 2018. My profile is wide open, and every post I make is set to Public. My guess is that you won’t be able to tell me what hotel I stayed at because . . . here’s the real zinger . . . I didn’t post it on Facebook.

If you want your private information to stay private, don’t post it on a PUBLIC platform like Facebook. It really is just that simple.

Zuckerberg Senate Hearing Facebook Privacy Challenge